A Powerful Suite of Workforce Safety Solutions

When it comes to lone worker safety, being proactive is a must. Equip your employees with the tools they need to stay safe – and protect your business from risk.

COVID-19 Screening

Protect your workers by screening for symptoms of COVID-19 using our real-time assessment and reporting feature.


There are an estimated 31,000 workplace injures every day and 4,500 workplace deaths every year. You need a reliable solution to prevent these incidents from happening.

Configurable Solutions for Enterprise

SolusGuard works with large businesses and government agencies to develop configurable technology solutions for workforce safety. Our technology integrates seamlessly to give you the capabilities you need for alert monitoring and worker protection.

We Take Quality Seriously

When it comes to something as important as worker safety, we never cut corners. Designed and built in-house in North America, our technology is best in class, so you can feel confident your employees are protected.

Our Hardware

Our personal alarms and devices are made of highest-quality materials for reliability and durability. The small, lightweight design makes them discreet and encourages employee adoption.

Our Software

Flexible. Configurable. Easy to integrate. Our software is designed to accommodate the needs of your business with robust functionality.

Free Guide

How to Implement Technology to Improve Workplace Safety

Download our guide to learn more about the pros and cons of the various lone worker safety technologies available, what questions to ask to aid your decision and how to create a worker safety plan designed to protect your employees and your business.

Stay Informed on Worker Safety

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Protect your workers – and your business. Contact us to learn more about how SolusGuard’s suite of workforce safety solutions can help.