2 Discreet Options to Choose From

SolusGuard is lightweight and discreet, so no one will suspect your employees are wearing a worker protection device.

Belt Loop Clip

How It Works

Sync the worker protection device through an app on a smartphone. Supervisors stay up-to-date through the in-app message board to communicate status.

Press Button for Help

When trouble arises, employee simply presses the "panic button" for help

Contacts Alerted

SolusGuard notifies emergency contacts with the employee's GPS location

911 Called

If contacts don't respond within 2 minutes, a call to 911 is automatically placed


SolusGuard’s workforce safety features were designed with businesses in mind.

Check In & Out: Workers can check in and out of the app, helping you meet lone worker regulatory requirements.

Monitoring: Call center monitoring can be added to provide response services 24/7/365.

Dashboard & Incident Reporting: Keep logs and generate reports for reporting and compliance management.

Customization: SolusGuard may be customized so the system can meet your unique needs.

Who Uses SolusGuard

SolusGuard is an excellent solution for any business with lone workers or for which worker safety is a concern.

  • Home Care
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Property Management
  • Inspection and Compliance
  • Security
  • Delivery and Fleet
  • Schools (bus drivers, special ed teachers)

How to Implement Technology to Improve Workplace Safety

Download our guide to learn more about the pros and cons of the various worker safety technologies available, what questions to ask to aid your decision and how to create a worker safety plan designed to protect your employees and your business.