Flexible Alert Monitoring to Fit Your Organization

If a lone worker activates the wearable panic button or misses a check-out, an alert is sent. But who receives the call? With SolusGuard, you can choose to direct alerts to the person or team who can best respond and get your worker help fast.


The two-part self-monitoring system is an effective and affordable solution. Identify contacts to receive alerts when an employee is in danger. Such as supervisors, co-workers or security team – whoever is best prepared to take action. Additionally, set up an automatic back-up call to 911 or another dedicated number.

Monitoring & Command Center

Take control with the self-administered Monitoring and Command Center. If your organization already has a call center or security team, SolusGuard’s one of a kind, real-time, alert monitoring system can be configured to provide you with the tools you need to manage your lone worker alerts.

Professional Monitoring Service

When self-monitoring isn’t feasible, employee emergency alerts can be routed to a professional monitoring team. These teams are trained and equipped to respond to emergency calls 24/7/365 and will manage the alerts on your behalf.

Take Control

Customize your alert monitoring solution to best suit your organization’s unique needs.


Decide who receives emergency alerts when your lone worker needs help.


Choose how long to wait before the system places a backup call to 911.


Set the alert to silent or choose a different backup number.

Stay Informed on Worker Safety

Take the First Step

Protect your workers – and your business. Contact us to learn more about how SolusGuard’s suite of workforce safety solutions can help.