Why Do I Need Employee Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing is a critical tool used in the fight against COVID-19. Lone workers such as home care workers, inspectors, or delivery drivers come into contact with a number of customers or patients every day. If your employee or a customer is infected, you may be responsible for providing a list of the individuals and locations your employee has visited.

When done manually, contact tracing is a cumbersome process that can take hundreds of hours to obtain accurate information. Individuals are interviewed extensively to determine where and how the virus was contracted and potentially spread. It is often dependent on the recall of individuals in high stress situations who may be very ill.

An Accurate, Automated Solution

When paired with our employee check-in/check-out app, SolusGuard’s employee contact tracing solution allows you to automatically generate reports that tell you who the employee met with and their GPS locations within a given timeframe. Getting accurate data at the click of a button eliminates countless staff hours trying to obtain and verify this information.


Our employee contact tracing software is designed specifically for government and business staff who regularly interact with the community.

Eliminates Guesswork

Schedules change, detours occur, and memory isn’t always reliable. Since the app automatically captures GPS location, the data reported is consistent and reliable.

Private & Secure

All data collection is done securely and in compliance with privacy requirements.

Stay Informed on Worker Safety

Take the First Step

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