Protecting your business means protecting your workers, but choosing the most reliable safety system can be difficult. While there are a number of options, traditional solutions such as phone apps or medical alert devices come with limitations that can be devastating—and potentially fatal. The time passed between an incident occurring and an alert being made takes up precious seconds that could mean the difference between life and death. This is particularly meaningful for lone workers who do not have colleagues nearby to back them up.

That’s why the “employee panic button” is quickly becoming the go-to solution for business owners whose employees work alone and in high-risk circumstances. Many of these devices feature a unique design as a wearable pendant alarm, making them particularly effective for minimizing risk and increasing your workers’ sense of security.

Discreet and in Reach

The most effective pendant alarms are discreet devices worn directly on the person, either as a necklace or clipped on a belt loop. One of the greatest benefits of this design is the instant access to alerting for help in cases of danger—all it takes is one swift click of a button and all contacts are notified with a GPS location of the employee, and a backup call to 911 ready to go if needed. Just one button does everything. And the device is lightweight, waterproof, small, and unobtrusive, so it is easy to wear at all times.

The other major benefit of this pendant design is that the device can be hidden under clothing, so no one would suspect your employees are wearing a personal alarm. When alarms are visible, or large and bulky, it can incite fear and distrust among others. It can even make your employees a target as a result of distrust. Keeping the personal alarm discreet helps to maintain a sense of calm as people go about their jobs.

Protect Your Brand

Preparing for unexpected situations with tangible solutions is not the only way to protect your workers. Of equal importance is creating a perception of safety. Perception can greatly set the tone, and if your workers or clients do not feel safe it can undermine what is an otherwise secure situation.

This becomes even more salient in contexts such as mental health situations, where keeping everyone calm is a top priority. Visible alarms on employees can trigger patients to react in unexpected ways, and can make people feel uneasy. Warning signs around the workplace can also induce anxiety, suggesting that there is a reason these signs are posted and workers need to beware. Such tactics brand your work environment as unsafe.

The discrete quality of the pendant alarm design greatly helps to create an ambience of assurance, so there is no big red button that constantly reminds people to unnecessarily worry about potential danger. It is out of sight but instantly accessible, should there be a need to call for help. Wearing a pendant is also similar to habits that most workers already have, like wearing an ID badge at work, so it is easy to convert into a comfortable daily practice.

When you have employees who work alone, travel, or are in unpredictable situations, you want them to feel comfortable and safe. Equip them with a best-in-class personal alarm designed specifically for worker safety. Like you, we will not compromise on the safety of your workers. Learn how SolusGuard can help. Contact us today.