How Does a Satellite Extender Work?

Remote workers are often required to visit locations that aren’t within a cellular network range. When paired with our wearable personal alarm or employee check-in/check-out app, our satellite extender expands coverage and allows lone workers to stay connected. If an employee is out of cell range and presses the button for help or misses a checkout, our satellite extender ensures the alert is sent.

Convenient, Always-On Remote Worker Protection

Lightweight Design

Small and portable, the satellite extender is about the same size as a cell phone.

Easy to Use

No special skills or training is needed – just sync once with a phone and go.

Smart Toggling

The extender knows when your lone worker is out of cellular range and automatically kicks in without instruction.

Cost Effective

The extender can be shared among employees and is a fraction of the cost of other satellite solutions.

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How to Implement Technology to Improve Workplace Safety

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