Better Worker Protection

SolusGuard’s features were designed with businesses and employees in mind.

Check In & Out

When going to an appointment, employees can be required to check in through the app at specified intervals and check out when they’re done. If a one-hour appointment runs long, they can quickly extend their time. If they miss a check-in, an alert will be sent to contacts.

Dashboard & Incident Reporting

SolusGuard’s dashboard, viewed within the app, provides a complete record, including GPS location and time/date stamps, of every incident for reporting purposes. Employers also have access to an admin console where they can manage devices, generate reports, and more.


Depending on your needs, SolusGuard services can be configurable to adjust the countdown length or change the backup call to a number other than 911. You may also set the devices to stay silent when the panic button is pressed, which can be useful if your employees are in situations where they may need to call for help without drawing attention.

Preferred by Both Employers and Employees

Benefits to Employers

Reduce Operational Costs

When your employees are equipped with SolusGuard, you can avoid scheduling two employees to one job for safety and minimize workers’ compensation claims. The dashboard reporting also simplifies paperwork.

Protect Your Reputation

SolusGuard helps employers maintain compliance with lone worker safety regulation. By taking this step to keep your employees safe, you can also avoid potential negative press and lawsuits.

Low Cost

SolusGuard is a fraction of the cost compared to other personal alarms and employee panic buttons. There is a flat fee for each device and a low monthly service fee per device.

Superior Design

SolusGuard is made with quality materials and manufactured in North America. Its superior technology means it’s reliable, and the sleek, discreet design makes it easy for workers to wear and use.

Support Lone Workers with Dependable Employee Panic Buttons

SolusGuard is an ideal solution for businesses with lone workers or where safety is a concern.

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