Who Uses SolusGuard?

Mental Health & Home Health Care

Lone workers who visit patients’ homes to administer health care, or those who work with mental health patients, often find themselves alone in unpredictable situations. They may not know what kind of environment they’re walking into, or get so involved in working with a patient that they’re unaware of potential threats arising. With SolusGuard’s panic alarm and check in and out software, they’ll feel more secure and be instantly connected to help if they ever feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Property Management Companies

Property managers, leasing agents, and maintenance staff may need to access isolated areas of buildings or complexes at all hours of the day or night. They may also find themselves alone with tenants or prospects, or handling tense situations like evictions or disputes between tenants. SolusGuard’s lone worker protection solution allows them to discreetly call for help at any time.

Drivers and Mechanics

Drivers and mobile mechanics are frequently exposed to safety threats. Common incidents include motor vehicle accidents, robbery, health emergencies, and changing weather conditions. Many alone and on the move workers have monitoring technology or ways they can call for help while in their vehicle, but a lot can happen while they are outside – especially if they’re in isolated areas or working off-peak hours. SolusGuard offers drivers an additional virtual lifeline in the event of an emergency, allowing them to complete their work with confidence.

Professional Services

Inspectors, surveyors, security guards, and other lone workers who visit specific sites to conduct their work also face unpredictable situations or isolated locations. With SolusGuard, employers can feel more comfortable sending just one employee to each site, so the team as a whole can be more effective while staying protected.

Government Organizations

Governments deliver a range of public facing services and are exposed to daily safety and security challenges. Issues include workplace violence, aggression, accidents, robbery and health emergencies. In these unpredictable situations your workers may not have time or ability to easily call for help, and a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. SolusGuard provides added safety for your employees while also ensuring your organization is upholding the standards of duty of care.

Additional Staff Panic Alarm Applications

SolusGuard worker protection solutions are ideal for any business with lone workers or employees in situations where safety is a concern, including:

  • Home Care
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Property Management
  • Inspection and Compliance
  • Security
  • Delivery and Fleet
  • Schools (bus drivers, special ed teachers)