Complying with the New Law

SolusGuard panic buttons ensure your workers have the most effective means possible to get help, and it meets the effectiveness criteria of the new law. As per the guidelines, the alert must be simple to activate (no passwords or apps), summon immediate assistance and accurately identify the location. With SolusGuard, one quick push of the wearable panic button instantly alerts emergency contacts with the worker’s GPS location.

Unsure about what qualifies as a panic button? An app might not be enough. This from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries provides answers.

Don't Settle For Less

The SolusGuard wearable panic button is the most effective and reliable safety solution available. It keeps your workers safe and your business compliant.

Simple Activation: Just one press of the button is all it takes to activate an alert. No phone to turn on, app to wake up, or complicated process.

Immediate Assistance: Summon immediate assistance from designated contacts where they get your exact GPS location.

Backup 911 Call: If the phone can’t be reached, our patent-pending technology instructs a smartphone to call 911, even when locked or in sleep mode.

GPS Location: Alert sends worker’s exact GPS location so contacts know exactly where they are in an emergency.

Alert Dashboard: Know what is happening at all times with the real-time two-way alert dashboard. Communicate with employees to check in on their status. All events are recorded and timestamped.

Customization: Adjust the countdown length, change the backup call, and set the panic alarm volume as desired.


Wear It Your Way

Always There. Always Ready. Always Discreet.

The SolusGuard panic button can be worn in two convenient ways that will help maintain worker safety at all times without arousing suspicion.

Belt Loop Clip

Who Uses SolusGuard?

SolusGuard panic buttons minimize risk to your workers and your business. SolusGuard provides a best-in-class personal alarm to clients including:

  • Property Services Contractor
  • Commercial Janitorial Services
  • Security Guards
  • Property Management Companies
  • Parole Officers
  • Mental Health and Addiction Workers
  • Inspection and Compliance Firms
  • Delivery and Fleet Services