Why Choose SolusGuard to Protect Workers?

As an employer, you care about your workers' safety, especially when they're working overtime, traveling alone, or visiting clients' homes. You may not be able to control every environment or predict every situation, but you can provide your workers with tools to increase their sense of security and minimize risk.

SolusGuard personal alarms for lone workers and other at-risk employees are discreet devices worn directly on the person, either as a pendant or clipped on a belt loop. With one push of a button, they can instantly alert a network of emergency contacts and provide their GPS location. Contacts can get in touch with the worker directly. Through the SolusGuard app, they can also see if another contact has called or if other action has been taken.

911 as an Added Backup

What makes SolusGuard especially unique is our patent pending technology that instructs the worker’s phone to call 911 if they haven’t responded to a call or cancelled the alert. This will happen even if an iPhone is locked or in sleep mode or if the app isn’t actively running on a Android phone. No other mobile personal alarm features this game-changing technology.

A Phone Isn’t Enough

We often hear “Our workers don’t need a personal alarm; they can use their phones.” However, there are many situations where making a phone call isn’t possible. Consider:

  • A home health care worker with a patient who starts acting violently. With SolusGuard, the worker can quickly press the alert button without having to unlock the phone and dial numbers.
  • A property manager needs to visit a rental unit at night and is attacked while walking up to the unit. SolusGuard can send an instant alert while he or she tries to fend off the attacker.
  • A delivery driver is making a delivery in a storm and hydroplanes, skidding off the road. Even if their phone is knocked out of reach, SolusGuard can alert emergency contacts.

Designed for Businesses

Employers can manage devices, make modifications and generate reports through an admin console. The app’s “dashboard” feature can be used to generate incident reports, since everything, from the alert to messages sent to and from the contacts, will have a time/date stamp.

SolusGuard is also affordable compared to similar devices, with one flat fee for each device and a low monthly service fee.

How SolusGuard Works


Sync SolusGuard

Pair device with a smartphone through the SolusGuard app (available for iPhones and Android phones).

Set Up Contacts

Establish a list of emergency contacts for each employee.

In Case of Emergency

Press Button for Help

In an emergency or unsafe situation, the employee presses the panic button to alert their contacts.

Contacts Called

All contacts will be able to see the employee’s location and communicate within the app to get in touch and send help.

911 Called

If the initial response isn't successful, as a backup, SolusGuard will instruct the employee’s phone to call 911.

Two Discreet Options

Belt Loop Clip

The SolusGuard device fits into a small, unobtrusive belt loop clip that won’t impede work or movement, but is easily accessible.


Lightweight and waterproof, the pendant can be worn under clothing so no one will suspect your employees are wearing a personal alarm.

SolusGuard Personal Alarm Features

With SolusGuard, lone workers can reach a network of emergency contacts at the push of a button. Plus, our patent-pending technology can instruct the worker’s phone to call 911. Learn more about how SolusGuard helps employers keep lone workers safe.


Use Cases

From mental health care workers to delivery drivers, SolusGuard is ideal for employers concerned about the safety of lone workers.



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